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We use renders and infographics to improve your project's visibility.

Personalised infographic solutions

Enefecto is a multi-disciplinary studio that is specialised in producing high-quality 3D images, renders and visual designs for construction, engineering and manufacturing companies.

Personalised audiovisual solutions

We have the best technical means at our disposal which, together with our expertise, means that we can take on all types of projects.

Industrial Renders

We design 3D images which can be applied to a broad range of industrial sectors to make prototypes and models. In addition, we create infographics for property design, accessories and machinery.

3D Infoarchitecture

One of the advantages of infographics when applied to property marketing is being able to see your finished project before you’ve even begun, with photo-realistic images.

Renders for Interior Design

We create images that not only recreate spaces, but also elicit and transmit feelings. By carefully managing the 3D lighting, we recreate settings that really come to life.

Virtual Tours

Using infrared 3D cameras, we scan facilities and accommodation and then generate a 360-degree virtual tour which allows users to fully explore the scanned area.

Architectural visualisation 

View spaces from every angle

Our studio is specialised in developing renders for architecture and urban design, complemented by our 360-degree virtual tours for property developers.

Our amazing team is our number-one advantage.

The details of success

Our infographics help give us a reliable look at the composition of future projects, including the appearance of the materials and finishes and the spaces’ proportions, generating hyper-realistic images. The devil is in the detail.

The success of a job well done

It’s not about what we do, but how we do it. We are very aware that when a client places their trust in our studio, they are looking for success. And this is the cornerstone of all that we do. We create powerful communication tools through imagery. And it works.

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